Coming Soon

Things are moving fast in the world of Scholarly Communications, RDM and ED&I. The blog posts found here are going to detail some of the things I’ve been getting involved with, or my thoughts on what’s happening in HE more generally.

Currently I’m two months from the end of a secondment into the Digital Research Project at University of Nottingham. It’s a Research Data Management post, ensuring that the new policy is rolled out to researchers properly, and that come August the new RDM service in the Library is going to be up and running, clearly outlined, and above all – manageable. We’re adding in a new service to a fairly over worked team (aren’t we all over worked teams) and it’s important that the service is a useful addition without overloading the Librarians.

Some of the events I’ve got coming up outside of this (which will hopefully all have a blog post assigned to them) are:

The Turing Way Reproducible Research Handbook Book Dash – May 2019

Equality in Science Symposium @ LSTM – June 2019

Exploring the workplace for LGBT+ physical scientists – June 2019

Bridging the gap between theory and practice: Roundtable event – June 2019



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