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Guest Posts

Armies of librarians are necessary to understand the modern information onslaught – 08/02/2019, Times Higher Education

Open Access Week 2018: Plan S – Radical change or not radical enough? 22/10/2018, Library Matters, University of Nottingham

Texts that made me, Beth Hellen – 17/07/2017, School of English, University of Sheffield

ShefVista#6 Beth Hellen, Research Librarian – 24/02/2017, Think Ahead Sheffield

From Phd to Career Librarian – 06/10/2016,

First conference in the UK for LGBT STEM professionals – 11/02/2016, Biochemical Society

Post-Doc’ing in the USA – 31/10/2014, Think Ahead Sheffield

My Blogs

LGBTSTEM – A blog highlighting the STEM careers of LGBT identifying individuals.

Yorkshire Goodlife – A blog about growing food and living a less capitalist life! (lapsed)

Genetics for Non-Geneticists – A lapsed project explaining genetics concepts to non-geneticists.